Site Name: Rod’s Drift
Distance from Club: 3 km
Depth range: 6-12 m
Type: Drift Dive
Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and above
Only one way out ! Dive time 55 mins - 60 mins.
The best of two beautiful dive sites
To ensure you reach the end of the dive make sure you keep it shallow, approx 10m and follow the Japanese Gardens past the two big pinnacles along to the south
Beautiful soft corals cover many smaller pinnacle with shoals of butterfly fish and fusiliers swimming over head. Also look out for that hawksbill!
When you come around the bay to the Gorgone 1 site the current should help you on your way.
Spend time looking around the 3 pinnacles of Gorgone 1, the first one is where the bigger fish are such as snappers and emperors, the 2nd has a small cave with many lionfish, if later in the day you may see them hunting the group of glass fish which live in the same cave. The last pinnacle is covered in lots of Anthias and if you can spot him a devil scorpion fish.
Make your way past the giant cabbage coral and up the reef slope to the zigzag through the fringing reef.