Diving courses

We can take you as far as you can go in a diving course that is the beauty of the PADI system and no matter what you will leave with a PADI certification. All courses are performance based so it all depends on you. Although we have suggested the length of time required for each course you can spread the days over several visits to Aqaba if you live in Jordan.

Choice 2 – PADI Scuba Diver – this is a limited certification and is given if you are able only to complete part of the above.

Mainly, submission of min. 3 knowledge reviews;

3 confined water skill sessions;

2 open water dives
This course also includes the same materials as the Full OW course above.

Choice 1 full PADI open water course, generally between 3-5 days,
We follow PADI standards to the letter so our course cost includes:
PADI Go Diving Open Water manual

PADI Training Log book
Recreational Dive planner (Dive tables – needed to plan you diving)
Use of equipment for course duration

PADI Certification.
Full Open Water Course consists of 5 Theory modules, learning the basics of diving , use of the dive tables;
5 confined water skill sessions (pool conditions – water and shallow) in the sea – we also have training pool if you do not want the sea !

Completion of knowledge reviews (which we keep in your student record file for 7 years); an exam
4 open water dives.

Choice 3 – PADI Discover Scuba – also called a “baptism dive” where you dive 1:1 with a PADI Dive master and/or Instructor. Upon completion of your dive you receive a PADI certification.
This course does not require materials (manuals etc).
OW and Scuba Diver, you will be busy throughout the day, diving and studying.. It is performance based!
Discover Scuba though is a one dive course and can be taken in morning or afternoon…
You PAY for as much as you have completed!! But a course we hope you complete fully!
With choice 2 and 3 you can go to any other dive center and continue to complete your course. In addition to the certification received from Sea star, you will also receive from us a Referral, which states how much of the course content you have completed.
If you take Discover Scuba (DS) and continue on for Open Water or Scuba Diver, then the DS course is discounted from your course.
We would add you can obtain courses cheaper, but be sure they are providing all the materials as required by PADI standards for teaching the course.
This is quite detailed information but we hope you find it helpful.
If you need any points clarified, please do not hesitate to come back to us, we are here to help and advise.