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SeaStar WaterSports is located 10Km South of Aqaba in First Bay. Our Dive Center, Club Murjan, has our own large swimming pool, toilets, changing rooms and a restaurant. We also have three “House Reef” called Cazar Reef, Eel Garden and First Bay which are only a 50 meter walk away. All the other dive sites are only a five minute drive from the dive center.
Aqaba’s Marine starts just to the North of Club Murjan and stretches all the way South of Tala Bay. There are no ‘off-shore’ reefs in Aqaba, the Gulf of Aqaba is very narrow but very deep! Most of the dive sites are fringing reefs and easily accesible from the shore meaning that a boat is not really necessary to visit the beautiful Reefs and Wrecks!
We schedule our dives at 10am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon as well as provide a third dive option at midday during the Summer months. After each dive we return to the dive center, allowing you to relax by our pool or have some lunch at our restaurant.
Shore diving is very flexible, so we can help you plan your day to fit your schedule. If you only have time for one dive, we can arrange this for you either in the morning, midday or afternoon and pick you up and return you to your hotel at various times during the day. We have 2 shuttle buses to Aqaba daily meaning you can return to your hotel straight after the dive if you wish.

Here are just five scuba skills every diver should master.

Buoyancy. Perhaps the number one most important scuba skill for every diver to master is buoyancy. …
Controlled Descents. The descent in scuba diving should always be performed slowly and calmly. …
Clearing Your Mask. …
Emergency Ascents. …
Hand Signals.
Shuttle Bus Times

Pick up Aqaba 09:00 or 13:30

Pick up Tala Bay 09:30 or 14:00

Leaving from Club Murjan 12:30 or 17:00

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