Power Station

Site Name: Power Station
Distance from Club: 3km
Depth Range: 10 -100m
Type: Wall dive
Level: Advanced Open Water Diver to Technical Trimix
Boat Dive Only
Can only dive when sea is calm as site is very exposed just north of port
Only 14m under the boat but only a 20m swim to the west takes you to the breathtaking drop off.
Down the wall look out for the small black coral branches covered in tiger anemones, and make sure you check the small cracks and caves for the morays and toadfish.
The wall levels out at 45m and the ledge is covered in large elephant ear corals
It drops off again and the question is how deep do you want to go? – Tech divers paradise!
Follow the wall along to the north and then after the turn around swim back along the top of the reef

There are 23 dive sites along the coast most of which are in the aqaba marine Park Reserve. With shallow water pinnacles, coral gardens, to deep water canyons and wrecks there is something for every level of diver.

Dive sites are varied mostly visibility and water temperature don’t very depending on depth.

Descrption of power station


shore dive or dayboat

notable in summer months this vertical wall of 200meters

is excellent for encounters with schooling fish barracuda…napoleon,dog tooth tuna

divers will find black corals at 30 meter+

whale shark occasionally appear in summer

in January you might see big rays,eagle,or even mantas


The coast of Jordan covers 27km in length at the most northern part of the gulf, more than two-third of this area is deeper than 200m and reaches a maximum depth of more than 850m. In reaches a maximum