Site Name: Black Rock
Distance from Club: 2.5 km
Depth Range: 8 -50m
Type: Reef Dive
Level: Open Water Diver to Technical Extended Range Diver
Named because of the black rock that is on the shore just by the entrance point.
A good site for novice divers but also possible to reach 35m for the more advanced.
The reef slope is full of the usual parrotfish, lionfish and puffers, look closely you may find large moray eels too.
Above the reef there are large shoals of Anthias which gather to feed in the current
Black Rock is a good place to spot the Hawksbill Turtles!
On your way back at about 10m have a look at the Marine Science Station’s research tools, used to study rate of coral growth and sedimentation
Large triggerfish and Arabian Angle fish can be found amongst the fringing reef as well as many upside down jellyfish.