Site Name: Cazar Reef
Distance from Club: House Reef
Depth range: 6 -80m
Type: Reef Dive
Level: Open Water Diver to Technical Trimix
Great site for all levels, follow the wall down the slope as deep as your certification allows,
Beginners stay close to the top of the wall to see the cabbage coral
More advanced divers follow the bottom down passed the black coral to the garden eels at 30m
Continue along the reef to the large cabbage coral in the north by the 2nd mooring buoy – in stronger currents look out for the turtle!
The shallow sandy area is perfect for skills training complete with 30m navigation line and hoop for buoyancy skills
The shallow reef on the swim back is full of giant clams, shrimps, and beware of the aggressive clown fish (Honest!)
Do your safety stop in the 5m area next to the fringing reef – your sure to spot a few scorpion fish, lionfish, and if you have very good eyes maybe even a frog fish!