Site Name: Eel Canyons
Distance from Club: 5.5 km
Depth Range: 14 - 30m
Type: Reef dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
You an enter this site at 2 points, the first as shown on the map, between the small pinnacles or In the middle of the grassy area, slightly to the south.
As you swim over the grass look out for large shoals of shrimp fish, when you reach 8m you will see a small curving reef, follow this around to the left and deeper to the next reef.
At this reef look out for the moray eels hiding in the wall as you continue to descend down the gully.
At 26m it opens out on to more grass, look closely for the stone fish and pipefish!
Head to the north between the pinnacles on your left and reef wall on your right creating fantastic canyons to swim through.
When you reach the large table, ascend the next reef wall to 15m where there is a large black coral tree full of clams, great spot for spooky looking photographs.
Then depending on your air consumption spend some time exploring the colourful corals on the next reef top or head up to the shallow pinnacles for your safety stop.
For technical divers this is a great site for decompression after a visit to the Sharook ship wreck which lies due west at a depth of 60m.