Site Name: Eel Garden
Distance from Club: House Reef No 2.
Depth range: 6 - 35m
Type: Photo Dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
Named for its large population of garden eels
It may look like a boring site with lots of sand and grass but look at bit closer you’ll see there's more than meets the eyes!
In the black corals (25-30m) keep your eyes open for the weird but wonderful shrimp fish
For the less experienced stay at around 12-14m to follow the small pinnacles along the slope – each one covered in an array of fish, shrimps and nudibranchs.
The soft coral pinnacle at 9m is the main attraction. covered in beautiful soft coral and surrounded by thousands of Anthias, also the resident moray eels and their cleaner shrimps, anemone-carrier crabs, boxer shrimps, lionfish, porcupine fish, nudibranchs, toadfish and in the winter a few juvenile frog fish! it’s the perfect spot for photographers.
Safety stop can be done swimming back along the fringing reef just be careful not to drop back into the gulley on your way to the exit.

This site is appreciated using nitrox to extend the bottom time

Current is strong sometimes, great for photographers

large moray eel and frog fish can be spotted

Night dive can be breathtaking and fascinating so much to see as hunters show up and small fish go to sleep.