Site Name: Gorgone Two
Distance from Club: 4.5 km
Depth range: 3 -22m
Type: Reef Dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
Entrance next to jetty in very shallow water, may prefer to surface swim over sandy area down to the start of coral.
Start by swimming over the top of the small coral pinnales and make your way down to the main coral reef.
The reef continues to slope down very deep so watch your depth, the most interesting part is the pinnacles at about 20m.
Follow the pinnacles across the sand, watch out for crocodile fish an sting rays hiding in the sand.
As it is only shallow the coral maze is a great place for photography, lots of small pinnacles close together, but be careful with buoyancy as the sandy bottom can stir up very easily.
Also be aware that there is sometimes a strong current at this site.