Site Name: Japanese Gardens
Distance from Club: 3 km
Depth range: 6 - 40m
Type: Photo Dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
Enter water to the left of the jetty at the wreck site. Take care as the rocks can be a little slippery
Head down the sandy slope to the pinnacle at 9m, surrounded by lionfish, morays and scorpion fish
A short swim across the grass will bring you to the start of Japanese Gardens
Photographers may prefer to stay shallow at around 12m to see the beautiful colours and large shoals of Anthias and Damsels. While the more adventurous can go deeper along black coral valley to 30m.
Keep a look out for the Hawksbill turtle and Eagle Ray.
Heading back to the exit have a look around the two large pinnacles at 6m, don’t touch though as the stonefish like to hide down the wall!
Keeping shallow swim through the colourful fire corals and back along the grass to the exit.
On weekends, this area is quite busy with glass bottom boats, so to be safe stay to the shore side of the buoys lining the swimming area on the swim back.