Site Name: Kiwi Reef
Distance from Club: 7.5 km
Depth Range: 10 -20 m
Type: Photo Dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
Advanced Open Water Certification is recommended due to the depth of the mooring buoy (25m in reef) and also as the area is covered in sand good buoyancy is essential to ensure good visibility.
This is a beautiful dive for photographers as the shallow coral pinnacles provide really interesting subjects, such as nudibranchs, shrimps, scorpion fish, and with all the sand its easy to position your self on the bottom, as long as you don't stir up the sand!
Other things to see in between the pinnacles are crocodile fish and sting rays hiding under the sand, and shrimp fish, pipe fish and sometimes sea horses hiding in the grass.
More advanced divers spend the start of the dive over the main reef, depth approx. 25m, before working your way around the pinnacles.
Less experienced divers can surface swim slightly towards the shore before descending to a shallower point.
As the mooring buoy is situated in deep water it is best to do your safety stop on the line.