Site Name: Taiyong

Distance from Club: 3km

Depth Range; 35m - 57m

Type: Wreck

Recreational dive-Deep Diver Specialty (Max 40m)
Technical Dive -Decompression Procedures (or equivalent) and above


FOR TECHNICAL DIVERS - Either use air as bottom gas and set maximum dive depth at 45m (Decompression Procedures qualified) or 55m (Extended Range qualified) or ideally, an 18/25 trimix for a maximum depth of 57m (Trimix qualified or higher). I would recommend setting a bottom time of 25 minutes and decompression mixes of EANx 40% and 80% (or single EANX 50% for decompression Procedures qualified divers).

Aqaba Port Authority wreck scuttled in 1999
Lies on her Starboard side just off from the Japanes Gardens dive site
Mooring buoy is attached to the shallowest part at 38m of the bridge area
Commence the dive by descending down the mooring line and the wreck appears underneath. Leave the line and head around the topside of the wreck.
Start the dive by looking in through the bridge area
The cargo holds are open and make for a great swim though
Then further down heading west the "A" frame becomes visible and is covered in beautiful soft corals. This makes for a great swim around and perfect for photographers (with cameras that can go that deep!)
From the "A" frame, swim around the hull area and the superb black corals are littered over her hull
Then return to the bridge area ready to commence you ascent at the end of your bottom time up the mooring line returning to the boat or with 5 minutes remaining bottom time, leave the wreck heading to the Japanese Gardens mooring buoy and doing deco along the nice reef system