Site Name: Cable Canyons
Distance from Club: 2.5 km
Depth Range: 12 - 50m
Type: Reef or drift to wreck
Level: Advanced Open Water to Technical Extended Range Diver
Same entrance point as Black Rock, but this time follow slope to reef on the left (south)
You will cross 3 reefs, all at around 15m depth, with canyons in between - each one slightly deeper than the one before with the last at around 35m – so don’t go too deep too early!
In the last canyon you will find large structures across the width of the canyon, these are to protect the 400 KV electricity cables than run the length of the canyon connecting the Jordanian grid to Egypt.
These huge structures are definitely a must see, and the coral is slowly retuning to the damaged area around them making this a great dive site.