Site Name: Yellowstone Reef
Distance from Club: 5.75 km
Depth Range: 10 - 30m
Type: Reef dive
Level: Open Water Diver and above
Lots of small coral pinnacles in shallow water approx 6m depth and more at 10-12m range further to the south which are ideal for beginners.
This site also offers nice black corals and a small wall at 30m for the more advanced.
Entrance area is quite rocky so take care when putting on fins, after descent swim over the grass to the south, where you’ll find a small thin reef with a few pinnacles. Behind this is a small sand valley leading to the main reef.
The more advanced divers can follow the edge of the main reef down to the small wall at 30m, then continue to the south. The wall is home to lots of large moray eels, shrimps and nudibranchs can be found hiding in the cracks.
Swimming back in shallower water follow the group of small pinnacles and then work your way up to the fringing reef. A frogfish is sometimes spotted here, as well as crocodile fish and sea moths hiding on the sand.